Monday, April 15, 2013

How Fiskars is going to save my sanity!

I have two boys – and they’re almost 11 years apart! I’d forgotten how much babies need.  All the time, attention – and in my little guy’s case – constant demand to be held.  Before he was born, I was looking forward to the long nap times where he would be peacefully sleeping away in his crib which would allow me endless blissful hours to fill with my card making…  Silly me!  Where my oldest son was (and still to some extent is) a champion napper, my baby power naps.  I think since last June, I’ve created three cards and one two page layout.  And because my hubby works third shift and needs to get his sleep during the day, I can't just put the little guy in his crib and let him squall. 

Well, I no longer need to prioritize whether I’m going to scrapbook or keep the house quiet – I’ve got the perfect tool to help me do both!  Today, I used our Fiskars Cutter for the first time and I FELL IN LOVE!  I can use this baby one-handed for most of the smaller cuts.  The wire trim guide shows me exactly where the blade is going to slice the paper.  I can hold the baby in one arm, and stabilize the paper AND operate the blade with the other hand!  I danced a little jig.  I’m not kidding.  I actually danced.  The baby loved it (I was holding him at the time and he loves being bounced).  Hubby peeked his head around the corner and walked away shaking his head.  He may not understand my NEED to get creative, but he totally understands a happy wife and a calm home life.

If you’re in a predicament like mine and you have to choose between your little ones demands’ and exercising your creative muscles, then this is a MUST HAVE tool!  Just click HERE to get yours today!

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