Thursday, May 9, 2013

So Dreamy!

I cannot get over how versatile this paper pack is!.  All the gorgeous papers are so inspirational.  Of course, I'm talking about our May National Scrapbooking promotion, Dream Pop. 

These papers were created exclusively for this promotion which is ONLY available during the month of May.  Quantities are really limited.  You have to act fast and order yours today!  Click here to place your qualifying order of $35 and you can get yours for just $10. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May's National Scrapbooking Promotion

Dream Pop!

It's our National Scrapbooking Promotion for May.  The colors are bright and cheerful.  The colors and the patterned papers were exclusively created just for this promotion.  Even the cardstock is double-sided.  One side is the high quality CTMH cardstock that you know and love.  The reverse side has a delicious embossed pattern to add depth to your paper crafting projects.

Click here to order yours today.  Quantities are limited and you do not want to miss out on this exceptional promotion!

Make It From Your Heart Buzz and Bumble Thank You card

I've been commissioned by my husband's mother to make a box of cards for her friend's retirement party.  I did this for her birthday earlier this year, and she really appreciated it.  She called me on Sunday and asked me if I could have this ready for her before Saturday.  As in this Saturday.  Three days from now.  I told her it could be done.  And it can, as long as my boys cooperate.  This has been a busy week for us and I've had family business to take care of up until today, so I've been slowly working on this card. 

I used our new Buzz and Bumble paper pack to make this card.  I edged all the papers in Cocoa Ink to give it more dimension without the added weight of more paper.  The flower on the sentiment is from the Buzz and Bumble Assortment Pack.  I stamped the sentiment with our A Little Thanks stamp set.  The sentiment I edged in Goldrush Ink and Cocoa Ink to help make it pop.

Knowing that I have three days to get a box of cards (and the box itself) designed and created, would normally turn me into a frantic mess.  But Close To My Heart has the perfect solution for this.  They have this wonderful 48 page booklet called Make It From Your Heart.  They've created exclusive card (and scrapbooking) patterns and included dimensions and completed examples of each project.  And that's where I got the pattern for this card.

This is a Must-Have booklet to keep with your paper crafting supplies.  The pre-designed patterns make creating so much more of a breeze.  And it makes keeping my commitment less stressful.  I bought this booklet because I have a little one at home.  He makes it impossible to spend hours online scouring websites and blogs looking for card patterns.  You can order yours here today to maximize your scrapbooking and card making time!

I already have the next pattern, stamp and paper pack picked out for the next card.  Come back tomorrow to see it.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Super Cute Dream Pop card

This is the super-simple, super-girly Mom's Day card I made with our National Scrapbooking Month Promotion, Dream Pop!  I'm pretty laid-back and low-key.  And I love how bold and colorful these papers are.  But I felt like I needed a solid neutral to ground all those happy colors, which the black did perfectly. 

Look at all these bright papers!

The cardstock is double sided.  That pattern you see in the pictures is actually embossed!  It adds great dimension to your finished project.  The reverse is plain cardstock, so you can stamp images and sentiments to your heart's content!

And look at all these colorful patterns!  The reverse have completely different patterns and designs to add more dimension and color to your projects.

This is a fantastic promotion to celebrate National Scrapbooking Month.  You get 24 sheets - 2 each of all six double-sided patterned papers AND 2 each of all six double-sided cardstock papers.  If you love paper-crafting as much as I do, you really need to get your hands on this promotion.  It's only good through the last day of May.  The papers are so high quality and it was so much fun to work with pre-embossed cardstock!

All you need to do is place a $35 qualifying order here and you can get this fantastic promotion for only $10!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

National ScrapBooking Month!

When I saw how bright and cheerful the patterns and colors for our National ScrapBooking Month promotion were, I was completely inspired to create this Milk Carton Flower Pot for Mother's Day.  I love how happy this little project turned out to be. 

Both the patterned papers and cardstock are from the Dream Pop Promotion.  The colors are so joyful, it just screamed "Celebrate Something" to me.  And since Mom's Day is right around the corner, what better to celebrate?

I used our Juniper Ink to color our Color Ready Seam Binding (if you've never done this before, it takes about a day to completely dry before you can play with it).  After I cut all the individual papers out, I edged them with the Juniper Ink, too.  I love inking edges, I think it adds dimension without the additional weight of more paper.  It's one of those techniques that allows you the versatility to determine how light or how dark you want the edges to be.  I usually start out pretty light-handed and wait for it to dry before deciding whether I want to add more.  I used Slate Ink to stamp the leaves and flowers with the Heartfelt Treasures stamp (they're on both sides of the milk carton).  Then I pulled out the bling!  I think it added just the right amount of pop and shine without being too over the top.  I used our Bitty Sparkles, our Blue/Green Sparkles Assortment and our Red/Pink/Purple Sparkles Assortment. 

I'm having so much fun playing with this paper pack!  The colors are so vivacious.

All you need to do to get this fantastic promotion is place a qualifying order of $35 here and you can order this for an additional $10!!  But place your order quickly.  Although this promotion is for the Month of May only, there are limited quantities.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

First signs of Summer

I love pinwheels.  They remind me of hot, lazy summer days laying among dandelions in the grass.  No breeze blew, so the only way I could get my pinwheel to turn was by blowing on it.  My little cheeks would be so puffed out because I never wanted that pinwheel to stop turning!

This month's Stamp of the Month brings back all those memories.

How sweet are all those pinwheels??

My oldest son never got into pinwheels - he only cares about cold-blooded creepy things.  But my baby is curious.  He loves the world around him and never seems like he can get enough of it.  I can't wait to see his reaction to spinning pinwheels.  I hope he'll be as fascinated by them as I was.

This adorable stamp is yours for just $5!  That's right.  When you place a $50 qualifying order here, you can order this stamp for $5. 

Do your Dreams Pop?

May's Constant Campaign is absolutely DREAMY! 

12 double-sided Background and Textured papers.
12 double-sided cardstock sheets in colors created exclusively for this promo (regular cardstock on one side, embossed patterns on the reverse). 

The colors are AMAZING - so bright and cheerful!  Just what a lot of us need after the yucky weather we've been having.  They really inspire creative pages and projects.

Get this set for only $10 with a qualifying order of $35!

This is while supplies last so place your order here today to guarantee that you get yours before they run out.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Best. Husband. Ever!

Yesterday was insanely busy.  My oldest son had a "celebration" field trip to a local nature park.  It was an all day trip and he needed me to bring his fishing gear (it wasn't allowed on the bus).  But when I went to pack his lunch yesterday morning, I saw that his bread was completely molded.  For most people, that's a quick trip to the corner store.  But my oldest has Autism.  He's on a gluten-free diet and our local store doesn't carry gluten-free bread.  So before I could even pack his lunch, I had to drive to the grocery store 30 minutes away that does carry his bread so I could pack his lunch.  Not the start to the morning that I was expecting.  So after getting back 90 minutes later and getting the truck loaded with everything I needed for my boys (I had to take the baby as well because my hubby is a third-shifter and he was sleeping), we were finally on the way.  He had to ride with the school bus and he was terrified that I'd forgotten about him because I was so late getting there.  His anxiety level was through the roof by the time I got to the park.  Tuesdays are busy days for us anyways because we have to drive into Memphis to take him to Social Skills Therapy after school.  So after the field trip, we headed on into Memphis.  Three hours later we were finally going home for the day.  The baby was ready to be out of the truck and I was ready for the peace and quiet of my home (the little one had been screaming for the last hour because he was done.  And I mean DONE.)

I was so tired of driving and kids at that point, I only wanted to eat and go to bed.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw this waiting for me!

My husband ROCKS!  I'd sent him a link WEEKS ago telling him I wanted this for my birthday (at the end of June).  I guess he figured I needed a pick-me-up.  My stomach jumped and my heart fluttered when I saw Cricut printed on the side of the box.  And it's pink.  I love pink.  I'm anxiously waiting for my little one to be ready for his nap (he's fighting it like a professional boxer today), so I can play with it!