Friday, October 3, 2014

Sweet baby thanks

This post is a little late.  Two months ago, our youngest son was born.  Our household has been readjusting since.
It's crazy how much one tiny little person changes everything.  My husband and I are old pros at babies at this point, but this newest arrival still turned our lives upside down.
We didn't have a baby shower like we did with previous kiddos.  I'd been procrastinating getting rid of all my baby stuff from my toddler.  So when we found out I was pregnant again last November, I just stacked it all in a corner of the garage.  So, aside from infant clothes and a special "home-coming" outfit, we pretty much had everything we needed.  But we were still blessed by family and friends with a few small gifts for our new little one.
So, when I got a chance, I slowly made this card as our "Thank You's".  I got the pattern from the Make it from the Heart program and found the inspiration from an old Idea Book (those things certainly are handy to keep around).  It took me a couple weeks to get them all done.  And once they were finished I was so excited I had to share them with you all.

I used the expired Babycakes paper pack (that "baby, baby, baby" strip is actually the zip strip from the top of one of the pages).  I think it turned out super-cute and it was SO easy to put together.  90% of the card is plain old paper!  The only embellishments I added are the gems, the stamped sentiment and the glitter ribbon peeking out from behind the sentiment (which I pop-dotted to create a little dimensionality).

Hope you like it as much as I do!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy Fall, Ya'll!!!

Oh, my goodness, I love fall.  It is my favorite season of the year!  I love everything about fall.  I love the festivals.  I love the food.  I love the holidays.  (Hello Halloween!  Not only is it my favorite holiday of the year, it is ALSO my husbands and my oldest sons birthdays!  How's that for special?)  I love the weather.  I love the fashion.  I love the crispness of the air.  I love the changing colors of the leaves.  Can you tell it's my favorite season?

So to commemorate my favorite season, holiday AND birthdays of my two favorite men, I'm giving away FREE product!!

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