Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Best. Husband. Ever!

Yesterday was insanely busy.  My oldest son had a "celebration" field trip to a local nature park.  It was an all day trip and he needed me to bring his fishing gear (it wasn't allowed on the bus).  But when I went to pack his lunch yesterday morning, I saw that his bread was completely molded.  For most people, that's a quick trip to the corner store.  But my oldest has Autism.  He's on a gluten-free diet and our local store doesn't carry gluten-free bread.  So before I could even pack his lunch, I had to drive to the grocery store 30 minutes away that does carry his bread so I could pack his lunch.  Not the start to the morning that I was expecting.  So after getting back 90 minutes later and getting the truck loaded with everything I needed for my boys (I had to take the baby as well because my hubby is a third-shifter and he was sleeping), we were finally on the way.  He had to ride with the school bus and he was terrified that I'd forgotten about him because I was so late getting there.  His anxiety level was through the roof by the time I got to the park.  Tuesdays are busy days for us anyways because we have to drive into Memphis to take him to Social Skills Therapy after school.  So after the field trip, we headed on into Memphis.  Three hours later we were finally going home for the day.  The baby was ready to be out of the truck and I was ready for the peace and quiet of my home (the little one had been screaming for the last hour because he was done.  And I mean DONE.)

I was so tired of driving and kids at that point, I only wanted to eat and go to bed.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw this waiting for me!

My husband ROCKS!  I'd sent him a link WEEKS ago telling him I wanted this for my birthday (at the end of June).  I guess he figured I needed a pick-me-up.  My stomach jumped and my heart fluttered when I saw Cricut printed on the side of the box.  And it's pink.  I love pink.  I'm anxiously waiting for my little one to be ready for his nap (he's fighting it like a professional boxer today), so I can play with it!

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