Thursday, April 11, 2013

Home Sweet Craft Room

This is my craft (ahem) … room.  (If my mom saw this picture, she’d be hanging her head in shame and wondering if anything she taught me about keeping a home sunk in!)  This is much worse than it usually looks because The Bling Team is getting ready to host a 12 hour crop in Memphis, and as a member (and consultant), I’m getting all my product and projects ready to go!  (We host a great event 5 times a year with Workshops, Make and Takes, Giveaways, Door Prizes, a CTMH Scavenger Hunt and a FANTASTIC store chock full of new and retired CTMH product!  If you ever swing through Memphis, keep us on your radar by visiting regularly to see what we have to offer or sign up to be a part of this exclusive event!)  I’m also trying to streamline and minimize the space I need while maximizing my project output.  Sounds professional, right?  *I try.*  

I’m really just trying to get the clutter under control so I can get back to playing with my paper and stamps!  I don't know about you all, but for some reason, I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT create in a clean organized space.  I start out with a clear area slightly bigger than my VersaMat, but as the project nears completion, I'm usually working on top of stacked paperpacks.  I spend just as much time hunting tools and supplies as I do creating.  It's part of my creative process.  So I decided to unearth all my stuff and go through each piece to determine whether I was going to keep it and what I was going to share.
And truth be told, I don't even have a whole room to craft in - this is a hijacked corner of my baby's nursery.  My baby’s 10 months old now (time RACED by with this one!) and he needs his room back.  So Mommy has to find a new place to store her stash.  I pretty much stopped my crafting after the birth of my youngest – and I MISS IT!  So now that he’s more mobile and learning how to play on his own some (if he’d only learn how to nap!), I feel like I’m in a good place to get back to it.  But before I do, I want to get it organized.  I have limited space, and although we talk about it, hubby and I won’t be buying a bigger house any time soon.  

As you can see I have boxes of product (UNUSED) just waiting to be played with.  Some of it I'll keep, but most of it I'm going to give away.  That's right!  I said GIVE AWAY!!!  I'm a big believer in giving useable things away that I no longer need, want or can find a use for.  (I think it keeps my Karma in check for the cursing and the *tiny* bit of road rage I have.)  So check back often to see what's up for grabs!

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