Thursday, October 18, 2012

Training Videos Tuesday - On Thursday!

I'm a little off my game this week.  I didn't get my training video up on Tuesday because I have been battling eager cold bugs at my house.  Usually they show up in January, but this year, they decided to visit us early.  All three of my guys are sick - and the baby has his first ear infection.  My hubby works the midnight shift, so sleep is hard enough for him when he's well.  My abnormally sleep-reluctant pumpkin is only sleeping right now while he's being held.  The only one in my house who's getting any rest is my ten year old.  He's a champion mattress hugger.  He can (and has) slept through a hurricane.  Hopefully, next week, they'll all be back to their regular selves and we can get back to normal.

But this video is too great to pass up passing it along.  I love that Close To My Heart creates these videos to highlight new techniques and projects.  I love learning new ways to be more creative in my own work and sharing that with all of you!

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