Friday, April 11, 2014

This is one of those stamp sets that makes me wish I had a girl.  I don't know why.  I see this and for me it just screams "girl talk". 

Maybe it's the sayings.  Or the cute little thought bubbles.  Boys run in my family.  A LOT of boys.  I have 5 siblings.  Between us all, we've had 13 kids - 10 boys, 3 girls.  And the girls live far away from me.  Half a continent away.  So it's not like I can scoop up my older nieces and play.  I'd love to, though .  (And they're at that delightful age, where I'm sure they'd love for me to scoop them up, too.)

Isn't that layout ADORABLE???  And the card and tags are so bright and cheerful - just waiting to go on a springtime gift, or Easter basket, or baby shower present.  I can't get away with pastels with my own two boys - my teenager loves royal purple and my baby is all about some camo.

If you find that you have girls (or if this fits your boys), this is our April Stamp of the Month.  Make sure you add it to your order by April 30th, cuz once May Day gets here, it'll be gone.

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