Saturday, June 29, 2013

Masculine Buzz and Bumble card

So, I'm kind of on this "Make it from your Heart" kick.  Do you know about it?  No?  Well, then, let me tell you all about it.

I'm a novice scrapbooker.  As in, I don't do it.  Ever.  Well, let me take that back for just a second.  I created a two page layout from our Make it from your Heart How-To program earlier this year for a quick workshop I was doing at our team's bi-monthly CTMH crop.  It was the first scrapbooking I'd ever done.  Like, EVER.

Don't get me wrong - I've been doing paper crafting for years.  I LOVE IT!!  I make cards, I love the projects and gifts.  But something about scrapbooking never got me.  Never grabbed a hold of me and refused to let go.  So when our Spring Idea Book came out, we had this great little booklet (it's only 40-something pages long).  I figured, "what the heck".  What could I possibly lose by following the directions?  So I tried it.  And while the layout left me a little flat (I have to admit it did turn out cute - I was scrapbooking my youngest, after all), I was immediately smitten with the card patterns in the back of the book!!! 

I have had so little creative time since my baby boy was born last year, that finding patterns almost took longer than the time I had available to create something!  Having this book on hand has been a little god-send!  When my unhappy-napper finally succumbs to the sandman, I can flip through the book and pick out a design, and I'm on my way!

So, when I needed a card to show my hubby some love, I saw a version of the above pattern (I never completely follow directions, I usually alter something).  I used patterned papers from our Buzz and Bumble paper pack, stamped a background image on a piece of bamboo cardstock, added the sentiment, some hemp and a few cocoa buttons, and called it a card.  It's a simple card.  I didn't want anything showy (he's a pretty quiet and reserved kinda guy) and let's be honest - it's impossible to focus on making a card and enjoy the relaxation that creating one brings when you have a little one pulling on your clothes and attempting to scale you like Mt Rainier.

There are a TON of layout and card patterns in there.  If you don't have it, I STRONGLY recommend getting it.  It's perfect to slip in your rolling tote when you go to a crop or scrapbooking event.  It gives you the sizes you need to cut for each project and you can make it as simple or fancy as you want.  It's perfect for a busy mom who's not willing to give up her arts and crafts time.  I have mine, you should get yours.

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